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SuperFruit Slim With Acai Berry, African Mango, Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea!


superfruit slimSuperfruit Slim is a very powerful slimming pill that has a blend of 4 amazing weight loss ingredients.

It contains all natural ingredients that are shown to increase your metabolism & suppress your appetite.

Learn more about this super fruit pill and see how it can help you lose weight effectively every week.

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What Is SuperFruit Slim?

feel the power of superfruit slimSuperfruit slim is a natural diet pill that contains 3500mg (per serving) of the most potent fruit extracts.

This pill was created with high level extracts from Acai Berry, African Mango, Raspberry Ketone and Green Tea.

All these ingredients have been recommended for weight loss by leading nutritionists and TV doctors.

When you add these 4 ingredients together you get a better formula that fights fat from its source.


How Much Of Each Ingredient Is In One Capsule?

TickYou get an amazing 800mg of Acai berrysuperfruit slim ingredients

Tick100mg of Raspberry ketone

TickAnd 600mg Of African mango

TickAs well as that there is a massive 250mg of Green tea

So your daily serving is (Two Capsules) and all these ingredients add up to an amazing 3,500mg.

These are some of the finest weight loss ingredients that we have ever seen put together.

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About Superfruit Slims Ingredients

Raspberrry KetoneRaspberry ketone: Since 2011 raspberry ketone has become one of the most talked about fruits online. Dr Oz claimed on his show that raspberry ketones are like a fat burner in a bottle.


Acai BerryAcai Berry: We have all heard about Acai Berry and how it can help clear the bad toxins that build up in your body over time. This fruit is said to help your digestive tract run smoothly.


African MangoAfrican Mango: African Mango was used many years ago by tribes going on really long hunting trips so to not feel hungry. Its known as an appetite suppressant having you eat less daily.


Green TeaGreen Tea: Green Tea is used all around the world today and is a stimulant that helps increase your energy levels, it will get you through the day feeling more alert and awake so you can focus on reaching your weight loss goals.


Is SuperFruit Slim Safe?

superfruit slim GMP CertifiedSuperfruit slim is a slimming pill that is created with 100% natural extracts, the only thing that may cause some people problems is if there allergic to caffeine.

This is because there is a small amount of caffeine (guarana seed) which would be around two cups of coffee, so we would not see a problem for the bulk of people.

Like nearly all diet pills online, pregnant women should not even consider taking diet supplements and that is the same with this supplement!

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Directions Of Use

Superfruit Slim BottleWith superfruit slim you get 60 capsules which is one months supply, you take two capsules a day one in the morning and one at lunch time.

Try drinking at least 6 glasses of water throughout the day and avoid fizzy drinks and tea/coffee to help flush toxins from your body faster.

For much faster results you should stick to diet plan and some regular exercise.


GuaranteeIs There A Guaranteee?

The makers of Superfruit slim are so confident that you will love there product that they offer a no nonsense 30 day full money back guarantee.


Payment Options

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SuperFruit Slim Prices

SuperFruit Slim Prices

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