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5 of The Best Fruits For Acne Free Skin

Posted August 13, 2013 by Fruit Slimming Pills in recent articles

best fruits for acne free skin

Acne affects millions of individuals around the world. Even though the skin condition can be treated only very few sufferers seek medical attention.

While conventional treatment can be expensive as well as have possible side effects, including fruits in your everyday diet provides an extra method to get rid of acne.

This article will highlight the best fruits for acne free skin and tell you why they are good for acne, below is 5 of The Best Fruits For Acne Free Skin.


1. Papayas

PapayaPapayas are among the finest fruits for exfoliation. They are rich in vitamin A and enzymes which are highly beneficial for the skin.

When vitamin in consumed in foods such as papaya it helps to keep the skin fresh as well as cleansed from within. Papayas also contain

vitamin C, which helps to produce collagen. Collagen keeps the skin strong, smooth and thick by strengthening the capillaries which feed the skin.


Avocados2. Avocado

Avocado is an excellent supply of vitamin E, which is beneficial fro treating acne. Regular consumption of avocado helps to keep the skin moisturized as well as prevents acne breakouts. Once you have changed your diet to include avocado and other nutrient rich fruits, it will take about 6 weeks for fresh skin to emerge.

3. Apples

red applesAside from being a tasty fruit, the apple fruit is packed with antioxidants which provide several health benefits. Apples help in digestion, contain vitamins that promote healthy skin, as well as acids that help detoxify the body.

They are beneficial for treating acne both by daily consumption and topical application. Studies have shown that eating 3 apples daily with the skins intact accelerates healing of damaged skin and prevents acne breakouts.

You should go for golden or red apples because they provide more pectin which helps to absorb as well as get rid of toxins within the digestive tract. In addition, applying fresh apple juice topically on the affected area can help eliminate acne and regenerate skin cells.

One other effective acne treatment you can try is honey and apple facial mask. Mix four tablespoons of apple with one grated apple. Apply it on all parts of your face aside from your eyes and mouth. After fifteen minutes, wash it off using warm water.



4. Mangoes

Mangoes are one of the finest fruits for acne free skin. Consuming mangoes on a regular basis can help produce a clear, bright complexion by tackling the problem at its source.

Mangoes contain enzymes such as oxidase, catechol, lactase and magneferin, which aid in digestion as well as intestinal health. These enzymes also help to boost the body’s immune system.


5. Lemons 

LemonsLemon juice makes a refreshing beverage during the summer months and when used topically it can refresh as well as enhance your complexion.

Apart from being a natural exfoliating and antibacterial agent, lemon juice wash provides just the appropriate quantity of citric acid, potent enough to peel of the upper layer of the skin safely.

To prepare a lemon juice wash, get a lemon and squeeze the juice out into a small container. Dip a cotton ball into the lemon juice and apply it on the affected area. After 15 minutes, rinse it off using cool water.

Regular consumption of lemon juice mixed with water can help cleanse skin impurities such as oil imbalance and acne as well as combat the symptoms of aging. 


acne free skin

For best results, include these best fruits for acne free skin in your daily plans and make sure you live a healthy lifestyle as much as you can.

Eating these fruits on a daily basis can get rid of acne over time, if acne is annoying you then what have you got to lose trying out these fruits.

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